Which Stone is Marble?

Variety of colors and patterns, strength and high-quality polishing are among major reasons which have led to the popularity of this kind of stone. Also, affordable price is another important feature of this kind of natural stone. Considering that its stone blocks are extracted from Iranian quarries, the final price is relatively affordable.


Shahyadi Marble

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Marble Production

Marbles are processed with regard to their surface treatment, thicknesses, dimentions and usage. As far as the surface treatment is concerned, different kinds are as follows;


polishing process is repeated with different abrasives until the surface fully reflects the light.

Chiseled surface

This kind falls into different categories which are as follows;

– Bush-hammered:

Bush hammering is a process through which the hammers installed on the polishing machine creates needle-like pores on the surface.

– Leather bush-hammered:

Needle-like pores are created by the polishing machine and leathering process which makes the surface pebbly with little pits and fissures — sort of like the surface of a fine piece of leather. The texture will vary from piece to piece, and some stones will have a much more pronounced leathered finish than others.

– Chiseled unpolished:

The first surface treatment that humans were able to make on stone was chiseled, also known as an axe stone. In such a case, the surface of the stone becomes impacted and has a special roughness such as nails and sharpness. Stone chiseling is usually done by industrial machinery, but in some cases it can also be done manually. The chiseled on the surface of the stone takes it out of its slippery state and creates a frictional surface, which is why it is mostly used for floor tiles such as around the pool, as well as busy places and, of course, places with a lot of rain. They can be a very good option.

One of the most durable surface treatment that have the same texture as well as a rough surface is Chiseled. These treatments are sometimes used on polished stones that can be in the form of granite, marble and travertine. Usually due to the smooth and rough surface of the chiseled treatment, they are mostly used for the floor of public passages, stairs and sometimes in the facades of buildings.

Chiseled polished:

Chiseling can be done on polished stones as well as raw stones.

the stone is chiseled with a specific pattern.

Honed surface

This kind of stone, instead of being fully polished in the last step, is honed on the surface in order to create more friction.

Different kinds of natural surfaces

Split-Face (Guillotine), cut-broken and antique are among some of the Natural surface productions, and any natural stones with their different colors can play an important part in selecting the natural surfaces cuts.


Golden Black Marble

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An example of two marble stones, Golden Black and Chehrak, next to each other in tile and slab dimensions