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کارخانه سنگ پارس

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Our factories can produce many type of natural stones like marble, travertine, crystal, travertine-onyx and etc.

Galaxy Stones Group Factories

With its factories and production units, Galaxy Stones Group can produce and process 7,000 square meters of building stones per month in smore than 20 products in slab and tile dimensions. Up to now, these factories have been able to produce various products in different categories of building stones, including marble, travertine, crystalline marble, granite, onyx-travertine, limestone and sandstone that produces all these products with world-class standards with its own special methods, offers them to domestic and global markets.



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کارخانه سنگ پارس

Pars Factory

Pars Stone Factory is one of the production Galaxy Stones Group with the updated production line, it has been able to process various building stones in the category of travertine, marble, travertine-onyx and crystal in tile and slab dimensions. Among the stones that this factory produces, we can mention Golden Black, Shahyadi, Chehrak, Red Travertine, Yellow Travertine, Aligudarz Crystal and etc. That these are just a small part of products in this factory.

کارخانه سنگ پارس
کارخانه سنگ شهرساز

Shahrsaz Factory

Shahrsaz factory with its marble production line can produce different types of this stone such as peacock cream marble, Abadeh marble and etc. This factory has the ability to mass produce these products in tile dimensions. With Galaxy Stones Group mineral support that provided for its factories, it allows them to respond to a wide range of customer orders.

سنگ بری آل محمد

Al-Muhammad Factory

This factory located in Rezvanshar Industrial Town, processes all types of travertine including chocolate travertine, silver travertine and etc. in high quality tile dimensions. Due to the capacity of this factory in processing travertine stones, by extracting different blocks from Galaxy Stones Group mines, it has provided the possibility of processing other building stones according to customers’ orders.

کارخانه سنگ آل محمد
کارخانه سنگ آل محمد
کارخانه جنرال سنگ

General Stone Factory

This is one of the big factories of the Galaxy Stones Group, which has been able to help the Galaxy with its travertine production line and in providing various types of travertine, including Abbas Abad Travertine, Walnut Travertine, Red Travertine, Yellow Travertine and etc. to accompany Galaxy Stones Group. General Stone Factory processes this stone in different tile dimensions and diameters.

کارخانه جنرال سنگ
کارخانه جنرال سنگ
کارخانه سنگ میلان نو

Milan Nou Factory

This factory is another one of travertine processing stone that it has accompanied us and generally processes stones that are more suitable for facades (facade stones) and need to be cut to larger dimensions. Some of these stones is Titanium Travertine, Abbas Abad Travertine and etc.

کارخانه سنگ میلان نو
کارخانه سنگ میلان نو