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Galaxy Stones Group with 7000m2 monthly productivity in more than 20 products in slab and tile dimensions with 10 industrial units has very high productivity in the field of different crystal, marble, travertine, granite, onyx-travertine, tramite, limestone and sandstone types of stone which produces all of these products with new global standards with specific methods and introduces them to interior and global markets.

Galaxy Stones Group with various mines of different stones throughout Iran and strong extraction support has been always able to supply stone for large-scale projects and has been able to take internal and external contracts. This group is always trying to offer the best quality in its products.

Haj Ali Mokhtari, the founder of Galaxy Stones Group, continued his father’s career after his death and with hard effort could be the manager of one of the biggest factories of that time the age of 20. He has always tried to share a new approach in stone industry with his colleagues to improve stone industry which one of these approaches is the effort to produce qualified product competitive with global market favorite products and also by means of various instruments he has tried to operate this approach to very high levels.

Galaxy Stones Group purpose is to produce and offer products appropriate for internal and external markets of exemplary diversity and in order to achieve this objective, it has always made effort to quality be the motto to which it has been stuck and through specialized producing of each existing product on market, it has appropriated the lion’s share of internal and external markets to itself.

Galaxy Stones Group quality control unite of always investigates and experiments output products to offer a guaranteed and exemplary quality to its customers.

According to the mentioned general purposes, selling team of this group is going to start informing and offering more services to dear customers through installing digital selling unite in different media including website and social networks.

Why Galaxy Stones Group

Mineral Support

Galaxy Stones owns exclusive mines with more than 500 tons extraction capability per day

Mass Production

Having more than 10 factories, this group has very high ability in products processing

Product Diversity

The ability to process different kinds of marble, travertine, onyx-travertine and crystal stones in production line

Quality Guarantee

This group is able to produce products with best quality in updated production line

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