Split Face(Guillotine)

There are many different types of cuts in natural stone industry. One if the most demanded and well-known types are the Split-face (Guillotine). Once a piece of Rectangular cube of 30×5×3.6 CM under goes the process, a Guillotine blade applies pressure to the side of the cube and splits it into 2 even pieces which is called Split Face. Split Face can be use as decorative interior and exterior facade. Due to its compatitive price compare to other natural stones products, ease of transportation and quick and easy installation it’s been number one product seller in our European market.
Galaxy Stones Group with monthly production capacity of 3000 square meters is ready to supply and fulfill any large and tight budget projects.



Different Sizes



Different Sizes

Walnut Travertine-onyx Split Face

Walnut Travertine-onyx

Brown Yellow White

Shahyadi Split Face


White Orange

Pure White Shahyadi Split Face

Pure White Shahyadi

Pure White

Nero Marquina Split Face

Nero Marquina

Black Gray Gold

Walnut Travertine Split Face

Walnut Travertine

Cream Brown Yellow

Silver Travertine Split Face


Milky Red Gray

Crystal Split Face


White Gray Black

Chocolate Travertine Split Face

Chocolate Travertine

Brown White Black

Red Travertine Split Face

Red Travertine

Red Orange White

Snow Split Face


Orange White Brown

Split Face Stones Catalogue

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Landscaping with Split Face