Travertine stone, unique facade stone

Variety of colors, its light weight and versatility can be considered as the best features of travertine. Furthermore, travertine stones can be matched with different colors and convey a natural feeling, which are the most important features of natural stones.
The price of this stone is quite reasonable considering the final product.


Walnut travertine

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An example of worked slab travertine

Travertine stones usage

Considering its density, this kind of stone can be best used in façade. Undoubtedly, in modern building façades, the best option is travertine. Apart from building façade, travertine can be used in interior façade, special stairs and interior floor

Travertine stones process

Travertine stone is normally processed in different ways which can be used with different surfaces in different places. Some of the processes are as follows:


This is the most common process in production of travertine through which the holes in travertine are filled with Mastic and Resin and then polished, this will give your stone the glossy look.

Leather surface

In this process, without using Mastic and depending on the friction of the surface, the stone undergoes a leathering process. The final product look like a piece of leathered jacket.

Natural surface

The stone is cut and then just pre-polished in order to look like the way it does in nature and is mainly used for floors.
It is worth mentioning that travertine can be cut with veins (Vein Cut) and without veins (Cross Cut)

An example of travertine and marble worked in the bathroom